“The best time to plant an oak tree was thirty years ago. But the second best time is today.”

October 20th - 22nd 2017

Location: Portland, OREGON TBA

The annual North American Rewilding Conference is an Open Space conference. Think of it as a think tank of some of the nation’s most inspiring rewilders and rewilding projects, as well as a social networking opportunity for rewilders. It is a marriage of conservation rewilding and human rewilding as a social and environmental movement away from civilization and the restoration of the wild and the human place therein. Here you will find individuals and grassroots organizations collaborating on a range of rewilding-related fields including ancestral technology, wildlands restoration, ethnobiology, reintroduction of species, traditional ecological knowledge, and much more. This event is brought to you by Rewild Portland

2017 Theme

“What are the issues and Opportunities of restoration?”

We talk a lot about “restoration,” but what are we trying to restore to? What are our actual goals? A certain time in history? A specific ecotone from a specific era? If the world has changed (with elements like the introduction of invasive species and climate change), what do we mean by restoration? What does it look like? What exactly are we restoring? This theme was inspired by the advanced permaculture course titled Social Forestry with Hazel (Tom Ward) at Siskiyou Permaculture

Friday Night Opening Presentations


Twelve five-minute presentations of rewilding work/projects/ideas/strategies from twelve individuals. 

Each five-minute talk will focus on three points:

  • What is/was the problem?
  • What is the project and how does it solve the problem?
  • How can people participate in the project?


Do you have an idea for a talk? Do you have a rewilding-related passion that you just can’t keep to yourself? Are you part of an organization doing amazing rewilding work? To propose a talk, FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION

Open Space Conference


Saturday and Sunday are an Open Space conference. Open Space Technology to problem solve an issue in rewilding. Open Space Technology is a non-hierarchical, organic social collaboration tool, best used to solve a specific problem. We will spend the afternoon working through a current issue in the rewilding movement related to the theme “Restoration to What?”

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