We recognize the irony of using the internet to teach rewilding, and we embrace it. We leverage the high tech, to promote the low tech. Go online, to get offline. 

Each course is 4 sessions, one night a week for four consecutive weeks. Sessions last 1.5 hours (sometimes they go over). These are not pre-recorded classes. Every class is a face to face (or rather, screen to screen) with instructor Peter Michael Bauer through video conferencing software. A week prior to each session a list of reading and video materials will be sent to each student to read and watch before the class. During each session there will be lecture, discussion, and Q and A. Class size is limited to 15 students per class. 

Who are these classes for?

     • Newbies

     • People wanting cohesion

     • Experienced people looking to converse/take things deeper.

How can these classes help you? 

     • Deeper understanding

     • Data/Evidence links

     • Re-framing the mind- a Lens to see the world (Tamarack Song's Quote)

     • Join a community of like-minded people. 

     • A hopeful vision of transition

     • Inspirational ideas for your own life