Rewilding 121: Myths and Mysteries of Prehistory

Prerequisite: Rewilding 101

This class takes the cursory understanding of prehistory presented in Rewilding 101 and expands on it in more detail. We'll focus on human evolution, technological transitions, environmental changes and conditions, and cultural elements. When did people first use fire and why? How long have humans been burying their dead? Did homo sapiens cause the megafauna extinctions? You'll walk away from this class with a deep understanding of the human story and our place in the world before the advent of civilization, and the potential for where we can go from here. 

Week One: Naked Apes

We will look at the human story, in terms of our genetic make-up. When did "humans" emerge? 

Week Two: Between a Rock and Hard Place

We will explore the origin of humans, and the first tool on the archeological record: stone.

Week Three: The Missing Majority

We will delve deep into perishable material culture in prehistory: everything that rots. It's difficult to know just how long humans have used perishable material culture, precisely because it will perish quickly.

Week Four: We Did Start the Fire

How long have humans used fire? What have we used it for?