Rewilding 201: Rewilding in Practice

Prerequisite: Rewilding 101

After the rewilding 101 course, many people are left wondering, "Yes, but what now?" This class walks students through many levels of putting rewilding in practice, from the personal, to the collective, to the institutional. We look at examples of many rewilders and what they are doing to rewild, as well as organizations that may not be perceived as rewilding, but help the rewilding renaissance none-the-less. This class will leave you with a plan of action, or an idea of where and how to apply what personally inspires you for the benefit of rewilding. 

Week 1: Personal Rewilding. Learn what you can do to foster the rewilding renaissance, like what you can (or cannot) buy, what you can plant in your yard, and what you can change about your own life.

Week 2: Collective Rewilding ("Above Ground"). Learn how these problems are more easily solved in a group setting through actions like gardening and foraging in groups, raising children in cultural settings, networking, sharing resources, and advocating for one another-by the letter of the law. 

Week 3: Collective Rewilding ("Underground"). If the rules are broken, shouldn't we have no qualms about breaking them? If it's for the betterment of the planet? We'll talk about resistance, like economic interference; direct action, like tree sits; poaching; and all manner of legalities. We'll also discuss the implications and dangers that arise when ignoring the state in favor of rewilding. 

Week 4: Institutional Rewilding. Learn how institutions can leverage the culture of rewilding in our favor by passing laws, partnering for permissions, transforming policy, providing public programming, and more.